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XSitePro 2.5 Site Builder 

The easy web design software for newbies, and others not familiar with difficult website building apps. 


An offline business wanting a website to develop?
A determined newbie, struggling with Dreamweaver, Wordpress, and other awkward site building software?
An educator that needs versatility and complete control?
A home business entrepreneur willing to take the next step?
A professional web designer, needing to speed up production?

If you fit the description, then you'd better pay close attention to this software.

"Easy To Use, and Easy To Rank For SEO"

These 2 points are the main reasons for success of XSitePro.

What's new?

See for yourself, with a series of 8 videos, over on XSitePro.com

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 More V 2.5 features at a glance

New design features
Quick content pages now with quick review pages
Added design elements to quick content pages
Striking new testimonial boxes in web2.0 styles
Hundreds of brand new graphical templates
Product review templates
Sales letter templates
Add slogans to title on headers for SEO
Over 15,000 new web2.0 graphics, to click and paste
Ready styled forms, for instant squeeze pages
New graphical search boxes
New, web2.0 graphical boxes

New domain and hosting automation

This is so cool, I just had to show you!

XSite Pro 2.5 searches for available domain names for your website
Offers alternative option domains available automatically
Able to secure domains through the software
Ability to host website through software
Auto log-in to your hosting via the program
Publishing details inserted automatically into your account
Website live and published in 1 click

Social media sharing buttons

Add a Twitter tweet button

Add a Facebook like button

Quickly style, and add a social network cloud

Adding Social Network Links Is Easy
BlinkList Delicious Digg Diigo Facebook Fark Google Bookmarks Livejournal Ma.gnolia Netvouz Newsvine Reddit Slashdot Spurl Stumbleupon Technorati Twitter Wists Yahoo My Web Blogmarks

New monetization tools

(in addition to the existing Google Adsense, Oxado, Amazon and Paypal buttons)

Clickbank hop ads tool, automatically insert CB ads
Adsense style, or web2.0 3 tab style ads
Clickbank product link tool full program integration
Search Clickbank database from within the web editor
Add new Clickbank accounts with one click
Add tracking, and no-follow to auto generated links
Grab images, or thumbnail from product websites
Automatically cloak Clickbank affiliate links with redirects

Tag Clouds, and Tag Lists

This brand new feature is a powerful tool for creating pages from your existing site, grouping together keyword relevant content in a new page.

You really must watch the XSitePro2.5 video to see the benefits.

 Keyword Replacer Tool

This tool will grab any given keyword on your site, and automatically convert every instance of that word, or phrase, and convert it into a monetized link, that you specify.

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XSitePro Coupon

 XSitePro 2 coupons

There are often coupons released for this exciting web editor, and this page lists them all.

No other application comes close

Would you still compare Site Build It with XSitePro 2.5?

Each operates entirely differently, SBI can only use built in forms, tools and the likes, whereby XSite allows complete control over images, scripts, forms, video etc.

I asked some new program owners, what do you think about our software? The response was very loud, and very clear.

"I can't imagine how I could have continued without it"

These new users have gone on to create a wide array of websites made with this easy web designer, from stunning visual websites to barebones AdSense sites.

The new, world beating, web building platform caters for newbie's, and advanced users.

Start producing cash generating web sites in minutes, combine these, fantastically easy to create sites with XSitePro 2.5 power features to enhance your quick sites beyond recognition.

The user friendly design wizards to ensure that every step of the web building process is point and click. The newbie having read the manual should easily be able to create and publish their first web site within half an hour.

Select from a massive range of professional quality web templates, just add content and you have a truly stunning site. Easily add more pages, and the new quick pages feature instantly formats the new page and sets up the linking formulation, creating, one click, quality web pages to enhance your new website.

As the program becomes adopted by more users, more templates will emerge into the marketplace, giving more choice with a wider range of niches.

What other package can deliver such astounding quality web sites at speed with practically zero learning curve?

The program is so unique, and so simple to use, I couldn't recommend anything else.

Buy XSitePro

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Built in graphics library

Even if you have no web graphics on your hard drive, don't worry, your WYSIWYG editor includes a new library of thousands of quality images to enhance your pages. Select from a vast array of scissors, arrows, payment buttons, smilies, checks and crosses, thumbs up, and down, review ratings and many more, each in varying sizes to suit your designing needs. review rating sample

Afraid of html code? Don't be!

The snippets feature has always been a favorite of mine, a snippet is a small piece of code that needs to be inserted into the raw source code.

No longer worry about adding html code to a web page, XSitePro has a special way of adding code to any page, easily, and instantly.

Simply place any code in the special snippets box, and your html difficulties are handled, safely, and instantly.


Insert ads menu

To start developing an income from your websites, Google AdSense has always been a front runner, and can easily be added to your pages. The advertising wizard gives you full editing functionality of the finished ads to control size, color etc.

New to version 2 is the Oxado ads and Amazon wizards, these give the web owner a much wider range of display advertising.

V 2.5 adds more ways to monetize your sites, with the Clickbank, and keyword replacement tools.

Got your own product?

No problem, XSitePro 2.5 can place a fully formatted, and working Paypal button on any page, in an instant!

Before the Paypal button wizard was introduced, the whole process was a really tough task.

What would a world class website be without audio and video on its pages? Your site can flourish on the web, and the search engines love video and audio content on pages, increasing your natural SEO. A wizard walks you through the whole process making true multimedia web sites a snap.

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Next Generation Website Widgets

Have you ever tried to insert a script into the html code using a web editing program? It can be a nightmare...

Widgets wizard snippet

XSite Pro makes this operation a snip, you need never be afraid of these little web page scripts again.

Simply right click, anywhere on the page, whilst in editing mode and the widget wizard appears.

Select from any one of the many widgets, customize the script to suit your needs, and your web page will be transformed with your very own custom script.

There are plenty of scripts to choose from, have a play around, and make your page dynamic.

One of the best widgets in the library is the email cloaker. This handy little piece of code keeps the spam bots from seeing the @ symbol on your web pages, saving you from the evils of spam.

On the subject of dynamic pages, RSS is a really powerful tool in web authoring. Used properly, RSS feeds can be aggregated across your web pages, displaying up to date information, laser targeted to your unique web copy.

RSS icon All the elements are easily editable, and you can choose from thousands of feeds, displaying from one to a hundred different titles. Come back to see this page another day, and you will notice that the content has changed, this keeps the search engines visiting, looking for your updated content.

One of the highest scores of SEO is fresh content, now you can add this in seconds.

Race up the rankings with strong, constantly updating, new, page content. Displaying RSS feeds is integral and it uses the java script method of inclusion. Advanced users can opt to use other methods of displaying RSS, to enhance the SEO of XSitePro.

Create your own RSS feeds to populate other peoples websites!

Outward RSS feeds, going under the technical name of XML syndication, XSitePro can create the feeds that you want to send out to the internet.

Add your XML page link to feed directories to have site builders using your content on their web sites!

The XML wizard allows users to customize the feeds, selecting the format you see best for emitting your feeds to the online community. Add links back to your site to enhance your overall linking rank.

There is no doubt that RSS feeds are underused, and have massive potential, XSite Pro benefits SEO by utilizing the power of these feeds, both in, and out of your web sites.

All New Web2.0 Web Form Designs

XSitePro 2.5.5 subscriber box image

Placing great looking web forms, or subscriber boxes on your sites are simple, with beautiful designs

XSitePro has search covered. The site search form builder is a very sophisticated tool, with smart, new formats in version 2.5.

Your web site can have a local search tab, located wherever you want it. The complexities of the search form are fully handled by the program engine, all you need to do is set the page color scheme to your liking, exclude any pages you want to, then insert your new search form.

Your search results can be customized to weight your search page results with your preferred pages, this can have a gradual, but steady influence on your site visitors.

Do you understand the power of social networking?

Then this new social networking feature will be self apparent, if not then you should study the importance of these sites.

The feature has been overhauled in version 2.5

The social network tool displays a neat collection of SN icons, each one providing your site visitors with a quick method of networking your site.

These very well ranked sites can offer a lot of good reputation to new sites, and can make a big difference in your SEO.

Place the social networking tool on your left, or right columns, the footer also makes a great SN display area, and your web reputation will be gradually enhanced by natural referrals.

Insert Sitewide Search 

Search This Site
XSite Pro 2 can easily and automatically create great looking site search forms like the one above.
There are several options for design, choosing colors, size and titles. Try the search facility now, and remember, it only took me 2 minutes to create.
As you create new web pages, these can automatically be added to your site search form, this takes away the need to update your search engine, XSP does all that for you.
Your site search form can be displayed in your sidebar, to become available on every page on your website.
Site Maps 
Adding your Site Map is the very best way to show the search engine spider bots where all your website pages are, and the order you want them to be in.
I have not seen better site maps created with any other program, Your web designer suite builds the sitemap, you choose the theme, colors, and how much content to add to each web page description.
In addition, you have 3 different types of sitemap to choose from, they are:
  1. Hierarchical sitemaps
  2. Alphabetical sitemaps
  3. Navigation menu driven sitemaps

Hierarchical sitemaps will create a sitemap page with your page order, as shown on the editor interface. All sub pages will be indented beneath your parent pages.

Alphabetical sitemaps display all your web pages alphabetically, this is particularly important for human visitors to navigate around your sitemaps.

Navigation menu driven site maps will emulate your menu. This is almost identical to the hierarchical sitemap, except pages not shown on your menu will not be shown on your sitemap too.

Step up a gear and start to create sites for yourself, use the bonus pack to help your business, and become the person you dream of being, buy today.

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The XSitePro bonus package

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